Company Of Heroes 3 Premium Edition
August 3, 2022

Company of Heroes 3 Premium Edition will release on PC on November 17.

Company of Heroes 3 delivers an explosive mix of action, tactics and strategy.

Heart-pounding combat combines with new opportunities for strategy beyond the battlefield, making every choice matter.

Experience an all-new theatre of war with new environments, factions and international battlegroups. Set up vital supply lines and map intelligence networks with the new Dynamic Campaign Map, ensuring no two campaign playthroughs are ever alike.

Immerse yourself in the North African Operation for a cinematic look at the theatre like you’ve never seen before. Every battle tells a story. What will yours be?

Company Of Heroes 3 Premium Edition includes:

• Premium big box.
• Metal case.
• Devil’s brigade embroidered patch.
• Double-sided map.
• Collector’s book.
• Premium pocket compass.
• Premium service medal.
• Devil’s brigade DLC pack.
• Premium DLC pack.

Release Date: November 17, 2022

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PC Steelbook Company Of Heroes 3 Premium Edition

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