Fort Solis Limited Edition
August 24, 2023

Fort Solis is getting a physical Limited Edition release for PlayStation 5 in October.

Fort Solis looks to deliver a high-fidelity experience designed to completely immerse the player in the cast and their long night. With performances from Roger Clark, Troy Baker and Julia Brown, Fort Solis looks to deliver emotion, fear, empathy and much more with every chapter.

Supporting the core narrative are additional instances of story such as audio logs, surveillance footage or past of present events. Accompanying those are video logs recorded by all crew detailing the events before and perhaps even after that night the alarm was triggered at Fort Solis…

The Fort Solis Limited Edition includes:

  • Special 3D Case
  • Metallic – Effect Postcard

Release Date: October 6, 2023

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ps5 Fort Solis Limited Edition

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