God of War Ragnarök Original Soundtrack 3xLP Blue Smoke Vinyl
February 22, 2023

Award-winning soundtrack to the video game God of War Ragnarök featuring score music written by McCreary, plus an original vocal track from McCreary and multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter Hozier entitled ‘Blood Upon the Snow’.

Release notes: 

• Award-winning soundtrack to God of War: Ragnarök
• Black/Blue Marbled 3xLP Vinyl
• Comes in a trifold sleeve with original concept art from game


Side 1:
01. God of War Ragnarök (feat. Eivør)
02. A Son’s Path
03. The Hand of Odin
04. Giantess of Ironwood
05. Huldra Brothers

Side 2:
06. Holding On (feat. Eivør)
07. Svartalfheim (feat. Eivør)
08. Pull of the Light (feat. Eivør)
09. Alfheim
10. Jotunheim

Side 3:
11. Grýla
12. Whispered Souls
13. Vanaheim
14. The Hidden Beast

Side 4:
15. To Forgive or to Kill
16. Asgard
17. Muspelheim and Niflheim
18. Midgard
19. The Mermaid

Side 5:
20. Remembering Faye (feat. Eivør)
21. Return to Helheim
22. The Hammer of Thor
23. The Mask
24. Ragnarök

Side 6:
25. The All-Father
26. Raeb’s Lament
27. Letting Go
28. Blood Upon the Snow

Label: Sony Music Classical

Number of Discs: 3

Release Date: May 5, 2023

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God of War Ragnarök Original Soundtrack 3xLP Blue Smoke Vinyl

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