Scream Original Motion Picture Soundtracks 4xLP Box Set
January 11, 2022

The first ever box set for the Scream franchise’s original score features three hours of music, over 80% new to vinyl, with each of the four films getting a dedicated LP.  Each record is pressed on translucent red vinyl with black smoke, placed into heavy full color sleeves and then housed within a die-cut wraparound package that expands to a huge three feet x two image of mask of Ghostface on the front and new notes with classic film stills on the reverse. A must own for Scream fans!

  • 4-LP set. One LP for each film. Each contains previously unreleased material. To date only 25% of the repertoire has been released on vinyl.
  • Unique Collector’s Edition packaging 
  • 24×36 die-cut wraparound package.
  • The 4 full-colour, heavy 12pt inner sleeves are housed in the centre of what appears to be a normal square 12×12 jacket.  Then open it up and Holy Moly!  It’s a Scream mask bigger than a small child!
  • Complete with O-Card

Track Listing:

Side A:

  1. Dimension Logo
  2. The Cue from Hell
  3. Trouble in Woodsboro
  4. Red Herring
  5. Chasing Sidney
  6. Backdoor Gale
  7. Schoolyard 2
  8. Bathroom

Side B:

  1. Sheriff and Dewey
  2. Tatum’s Torture
  3. Sidney Wants It
  4. Killer Stabs Billy
  5. They’re Crazy
  6. End Credit Material

Scream 2:

Side A:

  1. Opening
  2. Maureen Steals the Show
  3. Your Lucky Day
  4. Sid and Randy Talk
  5. Introducing Gale Again
  6. Sid and Dewey Talk
  7. Dewey’s Theme
  8. Cici Gets the Call
  9. Derek at Hospital
  10. Murder in the Van
  11. Joel Quits

Side B:

  1. Dewey and Gale Attacked
  2. Sid Says Goodbye
  3. Showdown
  4. The Big Showdown
  5. Scream 2 Theme

Scream 3:

Side A:

  1. Here We Go Again
  2. Cotton Car
  3. Cotton Gets Picked
  4. Home on the Range
  5. Sunset Pictures (full version)
  6. Sidney’s Nightmare
  7. Candy Ain’t So Sweet
  8. Gale Spies on Dewey
  9. Comparing Photos
  10. On the Set
  11. Home Sweet Home
  12. Killer in the Closet
  13. Mother’s Room

Release Date: June 10, 2022

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Vinyl Scream Original Motion Picture Soundtracks 4xLP Box Set

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