The Last of Us: Season 1 Soundtrack 2xLP Green & Clear
May 18, 2023

Green & Clear variant of Gustavo Santaolalla and David Fleming’s score to the hit show The Last of Us: Season 1.

Based on the critically acclaimed video game of the same name developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation® platforms, The Last of Us is written and executive produced by co-creators Craig Mazin (Emmy® Award-winning creator of HBO’s “Chernobyl”) and Neil Druckmann (creator and writer of the award-winning “The Last of Us” franchise and Naughty Dog Co-President).

The Last of Us takes place twenty years after modern civilization has been destroyed by a viral outbreak. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival.

Track List:

Side A
1 The Last of Us
2 Get Out
3 All Gone
4 The Quarantine Zone
5 Don’t Look
6 Forsaken
7 Breaching the Wall
8 Hope
9 Haven
10 Resolve

Side B
1 The Swarm
2 Long Long Time by Nick Offerman
3 It Can’t Last (Sunset)
4 Raiders
5 Longing
6 All Gone (Affliction)
7 Vanishing Grace
8 All Gone (Purpose)
9 All Gone (Isolation)
10 Warning Signs
11 Salvation
12 Subterranean
13 The Last of Us (Prevail)
14 Bravery

Side C
1 Survive
2 A Great Man
3 All Gone (Flashbacks)
4 Never Let Me Down Again by Jessica Mazin
5 Left Behind (Together)
6 Fleeting
7 Vanishing Grace (Devotion)
8 Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode
9 The Choice
10 Left Behind

Side D
1 All Gone (Embrace)
2 Complications
3 Collateral
4 Resolve (Isolation)
5 Unbroken
6 All Gone (Elegy)
7 Wounds 
8 The Last of Us (Vengeance)
9 All Gone (In Vain)
10 All Gone (Ephemeral)
11 The Path
12 All or None by Pearl Jam

The package contains:

  • 2x vinyl, standard weight at 140g, 1x green and 1x clear
  • double-sided poster of the show’s key art
  • insert featuring liner notes by Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin, Gustavo Santaolalla & David Fleming
  • images from the show.

Label: Sony Music

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: September 1, 2023

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Vinyl The Last of Us: Season 1 Soundtrack 2xLP Green & Clear

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